Saturday, 20 October 2007

Remote desktop to windows XP

Hey!! I have just managed to run remote desktop from ubuntu 7.10 to windows XP through a VPN.

First I needed to install the following packages or plug-in to the network manager

  • "pptpd" and "pptp-linux", pptpd is the microsoft protocol for Point to point Tunneling protocol, this plug in to the network manager will allow to to set up the vpn client.
  • vpnc plug in to the network manager will allow to start the connection and the connection.

Fig: The network Manager with Vpn plug-in

This install can be done easily using the synaptic Package Manager

once install you can establish the vpn connection and it will be ready for the remote desktop. On the option choose RDP or RDPv5 also filling the IP address of your Windows XP box.

Fig: The Terminal Server Client
Fig: WIndows XP log in inside ubuntu 7.10

The only problem I got now is my slow and unreliable broadband connection.
I have a poor 500K/s with talk talk, I should go back to BT but the price is double.
I wish I were in Paris with a fibre to the home connection....

Extra note:
If you want to VNC to an old windows machine such as windows 2000, windows 95/98:
TightVNC as the server on window and the "Terminal Server Client" (using VNC for the protocol option) on the remote linux box works perfectly.

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