Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A great PC without the M$ tax

I received my new MythTV PC from efficient PC UK.
It took a bit more time for them to send it out as they had to fixed the latest bugs, configuration of the new Ubuntu 7.04 and MythTV. But the results is good :
  • A SILENT desktop PC based on Asus barebone PC (borebone PC meaning that the motherboard + Case + power supply are all design as one bloc, making the PC more efficient in term of space, and noise) the most noisy part is the CD/DVD when working. A big change for my other PCs, no more factory noise fans to listen to, and I can now appreciate the music and videos thru the PC.
  • A low price option compare to the thousand pounds needed for a M$ equivalent system. This system gives you open office (.org) to do all office works, a lot of open source software which can be added easily through a Graphical interface no more command lines needed (Well, almost... except maybe for Nviada driver)
  • I can even use it to go to Second Life, as the desktop is ready for the open GL standard.
  • My most used software on the desktop are : Firefox, OpenOffice.org, SecondLife, Azarus (a bit torrent client), QuantaPlus (for web design) and more....
  • There is even a very nice software to create genealogy Trees .... and much more... Picasa to sort out your photos can also be installed.
  • oh I forgot... the replacement of itunes, or windows media player, without the intrusion, or the eye of the providing company. A great software for music, it's Amarok a really good example of the power of the IT community.
I think I almost free from M$, I wish my company desktop could follow the same path....

Thanks to the community, Ubuntu and efficient PC, to give us our freedom back.

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