Monday, 3 March 2014

Spread The word for the

When doing contracting it seems very difficult to find jobs without the helps of the recruitment agencies . Sadly for us and our potential employers they eat a portion of our hard labour. For some agencies it can be well deserved, but one thing that I think a bit excessive is that if they send our CV to one company with some kind of exclusive right on our behalf for up  1or 2 years.
Although this agreement is between the agencies and our potential employer, this can sometimes play against us.

One way to change this, would be to go through site like HackerJobs but the problem with this is that not a lot of people knows it, and therefore some employers may say that it doesn't bring good  selection of candidate. Probably due to the fact that the site is still not well known?
So let s spread the word ... It may set us free...

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