Sunday, 11 November 2007

Talktalk with BT voyager 2091 Hacked modem

BT Voyager 2091 is the modem I bought while I was a customer with BT,
it s a good wireless modem with WEP encryption key, but BT decided to lock it so you can only use it with if your ISP is BT.
Yes you pay them to slave your modem to them. (SO YOU CAN NOT RECYCLE IT)

I moved to talktalk, and had to buy the standard modem with the package. In their online order form only the basic Modem were appearing, so I bought it and thought to hack later on the BT voyager to access again the net wirelessly in the house.

I managed to hack the modem by putting a new firmware that I found at the following address.

The results is the following:

the unlocked BT Voyager became Dynalink and I got my wireless back.

After googleling about the BT router I found out that its platform is based on the Broadcom 6348.

The platform of the Dynalink is based on a similar platform Broadcom 6345 hopefully the small difference would not affect too much my reborn unlocked router.
I have been surfing for now 3 hours with it (with 2 wired PCs on the network ) and it still seems all fine...

In case the links of the firmware download break, let me know so I email you the unlocked BT voyager 2091 firmware..


Anonymous said...

did you try the openWRT firmware?


Fredy said...

I didn't want to risk it as Bt voyager was not in the supported list of openWrt