Sunday, 29 April 2007

Swicth to talktalk, Be patient....

My talk talk logs

Here few of my logs while switching with talktalk....
It is maybe cheaper than its competitors at 20 pounds for phone and broadband but you have to be really patient...


Expecting to get connected to the internet with talk talk. BT disconnected us late the night of the 02/04- 03/04

we already had 2 weeks of phone services with talktalk which was working fine. And we were wanting for the faster 40GB limit to arrive....

From this date we couldn't receive any call, the phone was not ringing any more.

We first call them (didn't note date and time) about the broadband but they said that it was still not activated, and they will do it in the next coming days.

We call them again (didn't note date and time) to report that the phone couldn't receive any call any more. they will fixed it in few days. I guessed that they needed to put the new adsl equipment then after that it would all work fine....


->We received SMS on F mobile saying that it was “fixed” we replied by “NOT FIXED” .

08/04/07 Easter

->We call them, the SMS didn't seem to work they thought it was fixed..

they said that “ they will credit us an amount in our bill”

between 08/04 11/04/07

->(f) call them after wait and then transfer to 2 broadband dept. the internet start working.

Also I tested the phone through the technical help desk to conclude that the line was too weak for us to receive call.


(f) call them from university twice,

-> one time for 5 mins wait then ringing and nothing.

->another one waiting 20 mins then ringing then nothing...


->Receive SMS again (internet was working, could send call but couldn't receive and the line was very weak when calling) reply “NOT FIXED”


->(f) call them. they said “it should be fixed quickly and it is classify as urgent”

received SMS fixed. reply “NOT FIXED”


>Receive SMS again , reply “NOT FIXED”

->(f) called later, we tested different things with the phone (line is still weak need to be fixed) then I was waiting them to call me back on my mobile... still waiting

->(f) called later, wait 10 mins then ringing then nothing...

->(a) called later

Tested the phone and line.....

He'll check.. on Monday with BT

operator from Cape town ext 2713311

Low voltage BT need to increase voltage on exchange.


->8.30 am, (a) called girl to check & she should call back. She didn't call

->7.30 pm, (a) called again


->10.15 am

call to 080 0873527 option 5 5

5 mins in queue then ringing then blank or dead and the other side.

->10.20 am call again thru option 3 2.. and something

answered security then transfer to another team “broadband” I thought I was already there!

thru the other team, they ask me the same question. then they told me that “internet can not work until the line is fixed” I told then that is been 2 weeks that we have this problem! then ask them to put if they know when it would be fixed... they had to put me to another team..... wait again, security question AGAIN, the line went really weak with this Indian accent woman speaking very fast, couldn't hear much, she was telling me to call again in order to get better line... I had to end the call 10.49

->13.40 call again option 5 5

put password for (a) xxx

need to call 0870 0873527 with option 3 1 2 for update end of call 13.47

->13.47 call 0870 0873527 with option 3 1 2. “An engineer should contact us within 24 hrs on my mobile”. end of call 13.53 (not bad, answer straight away after selection)


->12.20 am suddenly internet start working no engineer called

->14.40 am internet stop working for no reason...still no news from talktalk engineers.(do they hired any?? Never see or talk to any engineer, only operator whose know the normal procedure thru thr phone.)

->14.44 am call 0870 0873527 with option 3 1 2.

got thru somebody she put me on hold.... hoops now somebody else answer asking again security bla bla bla ... put me on hold to see what going on. (do they know anything??)

15.05 be patient....

15.10 still nothing.

15.11. she s back, asking questions which i already answer many times before. I told her that we can call but not received calls and internet is not working.

15.13 put on hold again. she needs to do some checks???

15.18 waiting....15:20:06....15:24:01...more than 10 minutes.... and a total of... it will be 1 hour soon what i will be on the phone.... to achieve what??....15:28:11....

15:31:14...she is back. Engineer are changing the profile of the line... not sure it will help but lets hope.

15:34:08 back on hold again..

15:36:01 she needs to transfer to another team . security check again

15:39:36 transfer to another team... they start to p$ me off

15:40:52 back in a queue.... security again... broadband team. “2 days before to be fixed.” (yesterday was 24hours)

15:49:50 end of call duration 1.06 hours


->10.30 am received SMS saying that it is fixed. replied that it is NOT FIXED.

->11.?? am (a) called for around 1hour

->14.20 am received SMS saying that it is fixed. replied that it is NOT FIXED. (off course the SMS will be ignore like all the previous ones. If we call them tomorrow they will probably think that it is fixed...)

22:55:33 internet working.... for how long??


->10.00 am internet is not working (looking at the log of the modem it stopped at around 2.22 am)

->11:02:44 call 0870 0873527 with option 3 1 2.11:06:30 answered. nice guy(English accent ) reproted the fault again, he log us again for the engineers to look at it. He will try to give us forward call to mobile phone request done by email to talktalk! the system tells him not to....11:11:56 end of call


->16.45 talktalk called me on my mobile to ask me to disconnected all equipment so that engineers can do some test on the line. As I was away from the house, they ask me to disconnected it for tomorrow morning.

->19.00 the phone is working ringing. not internet. Looking at the log file of the router the internet went up and down many times during the day.

->22.30 internet working(for some time only)

->09.00 am f disconnected all equipment for talktalk to test the line... (although I don't believe they will manage to do it during the morning...)

->14.00 I noticed that the new internet speed of the modem is 8126/443 (Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps))

a big improvement from the talktalk start of around 6000/144

15:05:48 disconnected reconnected at Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps)2577/244

15:40:39 disconnected reconnected at Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps)8126/369


After 3 weeks of time wasting with talktalk we finally have our phone line working properly. As concern the broadband connection... still going on and off, and we start to be fed up calling them, so we order Virgin Media as they are coming in our area. Hopefully the quality of their broadband is better, also being a cable company, I hope that they will be hopefully adopting Fiber To The Home (FTTH) earlier than their competitors..... (and be able to surf like at 50Mega up and down like it is already happening in France.... keep dreaming... these british companies still have a long way to go...)

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